The 4th International Cross-Border Ecommerce (CBEC) Forum YU -2021

On December 26, 2021, the 4th International Cross-Border Ecommerce Forum was successfully held jointly organized by Yangtze University and Huazhong Agricultural University. The forum was held in hybrid (Off-line and Online).

The forum was opened afternoon in the meeting hall of School of Economics and Management at the fifth floor in the Art building, Yangtze University. The theme of the forum was “Food Security, Covid-19 and CBEC: Threats, Coping Strategies and Opportunities.

Professor Hui Xu, Dean School of Economics and Management, and Professor Gucheng Li, Dean College of Economics, Huazhong Agricultural University, Associate Professor Dr. Muhammad Rizwan, Assistant Dean, School of International Education, Professor Pei Xiao, Vice Dean, School of Economics and management, Professor Honghui Tan, Dean School of Foreign Languages, Yangtze University , Professors and graduate, undergraduate students of School of Economics and Management,  and online and offline more than 150 audience from almost 10 countries including, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Kenya, South Dudan, Malavi, etc., attended this forum.

Professor Hui Xu on behalf of the Yangtze University and Professor Gucheng Li on behalf of Huazhong Agricultural University delivered opening and welcome speeches in the opening ceremony of the forum and Dr. Muhammad Rizwan presided the opening ceremony and he introduced guests, speakers and participants of the forum. 

Dr. Muhammad Rizwan presiding the opening ceremony of the forum (Photo by Tu Lei)

Professor Xu expressed the importance of E-commerce role in domestic economy and cross-border trade. He shared the Chinese e-commerce models and gave his thoughts that how other developing countries can learn from the Chinese experience in e-commerce to enhance the business, and poverty reduction. Finally, he invited to participants and ask them to join the hand for collaboration and cooperation in both academic and practical activities for the well-being of the humanity. 

Professor Hui Xu, dean School of Economics and Management Delivering talk in the opening ceremony in the forum (Photo by Tu Lei)

Professor Gucheng Li, emphasized on the food security and explained that how countries can cooperate to ensure food security through e-commerce and multilateral trade.

Professor Gucheng Li, Dean College of Economics and Management delivering online talk in the opening ceremony of the forum (Photo by Tu Lei)

Later on, Dr Rizwan, assistant dean from Yangtze university briefly introduced about the history of International Cross-Border Ecommerce Forum and possible way for collaboration between Chinese and foreigner universities and business institutes and companies.

After the opening ceremony of the forum, a group photo was taken online of all participants and audiences.

Group photo: taken by Tu Lei

Forum had totally five sessions including Key note speeches, three technical / academic sessions and one business talk.

The first session “keynote speeches” was chaired by Dr. Muhammad Rizwan. Professor Dr. Abdul Saboor delivered a keynote speech on digital currency and its possible implication for cross-border e-commerce. He explained the challenges and possible solutions of usage of crypto currencies in the global market.

Mr. Rana Sikandar Azam, former president, Chamber of Commerce and Industry from Pakistan discussed on cross-border ecommerce challenges and opportunities across the world. Further he elaborated the importance of China Pakistan Economic corridor (CPEC) for the cross-border e-commerce in the South Asian, Middle-East and European countries.

Professor Deyi Zhou, as keynote speaker, explained the cross-border e-commerce and Belt & Road Center for Extension and Training of Rice Technology (BRC-Rice). Further he enlightened on the international cooperation between belt and road countries for food security. 

The first technical / academic session was chaired by Professor Abdul Saboor. Dr. Salah-ud-din Palash from Bangladesh Agriculture University presented and discussed challenges and scopes regarding cross-border e-commerce under COVID-19. Dr. Syed Anees Haider from Comsats University, Pakistan gave the explained monetary policy in terms of the concept of Helicopter Money in Covid-19 extended the Milton Friedmen’s theory applied in Pakistan. Ms. Togtokhbuyuan L. from University of Life Sciences Mongolia highlighted the factors influencing the ecommerce in Mongolia. Then Mr. George N. Chidimbah and Mr. Gama Rivas discussed the Trans-Border Ecommerce in the Sub-Saharan African countries.

The second session was chaired by Dr. Salahuddin Palash, Professor from Bangladesh Agriculture University.

Ms. Urandelger Gantulga from National University of Mangolia highlighted the role of e-commerce in rural development and Dr. Zahid Farooq, from University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Pakistan, elucidated the role of CPEC in enhancing the livestock production, food security and nutrition.

Later on Mr. Muhammad Aamir Shahzad from Huazhong Agriculture University expressed about the food accessibility using e-commerce in during Covid-19 pandemic.  

Professor Deyi Zhou chaired the third technical session. Dr. Amar Razzaq from Huanggang Normal University discussed about the role of cross-border e-commerce in the global food supply chain. Mr. N’ banan Ouattara discussed the COVID-19 impact on cashew price and farmers’ income in Cote d’ Ivoire. Mr. Mosin Raza and Ms. Maryam Tahir from MNS University of Agriculture Pakistan presented their research work on e-commerce and social support for food security.

The business session was chaired by Dr. Syed Anees Haider. Mr. Faheem Azhar, CEO of Sultan group shared their practical work. One of the features of this forum is the combination of scientific research and commercial practice. Professor Deyi Zhou also explained different business model for international cooperation opportunities.

I found that every time when the business session starts, the participants often show extremely high enthusiasm and interest, pushing the meeting to a climax.

Professor Zhou Deyi concluded the conference with vote of thanks. The forum was ended successfully and happily.

We believe this forum has added more nodes to our social network.