The RDP Editorial Process

General Peer-Review and Editorial Procedure

All manuscripts (research & review) sent to RDP journals for publication are strictly and systematically peer-reviewed by scholars and experts. On receiving the manuscript, the Managing Editor of the journal will be responsible for an initial check regarding suitability. Afterward, the Editorial Office will organize the peer-review process performed by independent experts and collect at least two review reports for each manuscript. We ask authors for adequate revisions before recommending the final decision. The final decision is made by the Editor in Chief of the corresponding journal. After acceptance, articles are copy-edited and English-edited.

Editorial Decision and Revision

Articles published in RDP journals go through the peer-review process and Managing Editor of the corresponding journal will receive at least two review reports. The managing editor will communicate decisions to the authors regarding the following:

  • Accept in Present Form:In this condition, the paper is accepted without any further changes.
  • Accept after Minor Revision: In this situation, the paper is in principle accepted after revision based on the reviewer’s comments. Authors are given 10 days for minor revisions.
  • Reconsider after Major Revision: In this condition, the acceptance of the manuscript would depend on the revisions. The author needs to provide a point-by-point response or provide a confutation if some of the reviewer’s comments cannot be revised. Generally, only one round of major revisions is allowed. Authors will be asked to revise paper within one month and the revised version will be returned to the reviewer for further comments.
  • Reject and Encourage Resubmission: For this, if article needs additional analysis or experiments to perform for the conclusion support, will be rejected and the authors will be encouraged to re-submit the paper once further analysis / experiments have been conducted.


The RDP team accomplish the production process of copy editing after the completion of review process and if there’s need for English editing or formatting on an extensive level, RDP offers authors for English editing services (integrated with Researchersview) for additional fee with authors’ approval. The authors are also free for getting English editing services, or consultancy from other sources such as native speaker.
The following flowchart shows review, production and publication procedure.

Figure: The RDP editorial procedure


Establishment of new journal

Managing already established journal

Editorial services

Production services

Editing services


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