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RDP published manuscripts are available immediately globally under open access license. It means that everyone has easy, free and unlimited access to the full text of articles published by RDP journal. Open access publication is supported by authors, research funding agencies or institutes by payment of article processing charge for the articles.RDP journals publish articles under the Creative Commons Attribution License which grants authors the most extensive rights.

Benefits of Open Access Policy

Higher visibility and promotion

Due to open access policy manuscript published by RDP are freely available to readers which make higher visibility and increase promotion of the new research work.

Impact of More Citation

Due to easy and freely access to RDP published manuscripts to scholars and all other audience worldwide make availability to read by more people and increase citation impact of the manuscript.

Lower Publication Cost

Due to make payment of published manuscript as APC once i.e., by authors or funding agencies for free access to readers, it further not cost any charges from any institute or person nor subscription charges; hence it save multiple cost.

Faster Publication

Usually, publication by tradition journal is slow but RDP publish on fast track after it accepted by the editor of the journal.

Link for open access policy

For further information and impact of open access policy please visit the link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_access#Authors_and_researchers


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