Guidelines for Editors

General Overview

Researchers Digital Publishers (RDP) is a duly registered as the Academic Publishing Company based in Pakistan and have representatives for promotion across the globe including China, USA, Bangladesh, South Sudan, Malawi, Kenya, France, Indonesia, Mongolia, Ghana, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Turkey. RDP is specialized in the publication of Open Access peer-reviewed journals, books, and magazines across the broad context of natural and social science disciplines. RDP Provides excellent services to support all kinds of academic journal publishers, including publishers with single journal, universities, societies, or larger enterprises. The Vision of RDP is to offer high-quality international peer-reviewed journals lead by subject experts.

Open Access

Open Access means that readers have free access to the published material, without paying a subscription charge. RDP articles are freely available immediately after publication which gives easy and rapid access to all people across the globe including scholars, students, and interested readers to the latest research through RDP journals.

Editorial Board of Journal

Editorial board would be responsible for review process of the submitted manuscripts to corresponding journal of RDP. Editors’ office of the journal will also make sure for the final galley proof approved by the authors if the paper is accepted. RDP suggests the following editorial board structure for the journal hosting by it.


Managing Editor

Section Editors (if the journal has more than one sections)

Advisory Board Members / Editorial Board Members etc.

Launching New Open Access Journals with RDP

Proposals for launching new journals or transforming already running journal and publishing books can be sent by email to RDP office at services@rdpublishers.com.

RDP Office
Green Town Phase-III
Khanewal District, 58150
Punjab Province,
Contact: info@rdpublishers.com
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Establishment of new journal

Managing already established journal

Editorial services

Production services

Editing services


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