Reviewers’ Guidelines

Reviewers are the keystone for the review process of journals publishing by RDP. We are sincerely thankful to reviewers who spare their time to peer-review articles submitted to RDP journals. Rigorous peer-review is the linchpin of quality academic publishing.

Benefits for Volunteer Reviewers of RDP

Peer review is a vigorous part in the publication process, assuring that RDP perpetuates high quality standards for its published papers. Usually, reviewing is a concealed and unrewarded assignment. RDP strives to recognize the efforts of reviewers.

  • When reviewing for RDP journals you can:
  • Receive Review Certificate.
  • Name will be Included in the RDP Journals annual acknowledgment of reviewers
  • Can be considered for journal’s outstanding reviewer reward
  • Can get voucher for discount which can be used for the APC reduction of RDP journals
  • RDP has planned to get membership of Publons and ORCID then reviewers will be recognized on those platforms for their review work after reviewers’ registration

Potential Conflicts of Interests

We ask reviewers to notify the journal editor if conflict of interests was found by them to avoid the bias the review report in destructive or optimistic way. we appreciate reviewers’ cooperation in this regard. Invited reviewers, if they previously reviewed the same article for another journal should not consider this as a conflict of interest in itself but they can accept review invitation if the manuscript has been improved compared to previous version by notifying to Managing Editor of the journal.

Confidentiality and Anonymity

All content of the articles, including abstract, should be kept confidential by the reviewers. Review reports are considered confidential and will only be disclosed with the explicit permission of the reviewer. If reviewers would like to complete the review by their colleague or any other scholar or student on their behalf, they must inform to editor of the journal.

Timely Review Reports

It is RDP goals to provide an excellent and high-quality publishing service to scholars and to the scientific community. Reviewers are asked to assist by completing review reports in a timely manner. If reviewers need extra time to review, they should contact with the editorial office of the journal before the review deadline.


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